Tempestas v.1 – Weather Clock

Internet controlled weather station that shows the current weather with a split flap display.


Internet controlled weather clock that displays the current weather with a split-flap display. The weather is retrieved from an API that i build on the openweathermap.org API.

It uses an Arduino Nano with an ethernetshield, infra red sensor for correct positioning of the display cards and a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor.


arduino, clocks, iot, klok, klokken, split-flap, weather, weer

Technical details

  • Arduino nano
  • Ethernet shield
  • Infra red sensor
  • 28byj-48 stepper
  • 5×3 mm magnets
  • F623ZZ Bearings
  • Old Clock case
  • 3d printed materials
  • Internet
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