About Sephen

A Summary

I’m Sephen,

A Maker, Creator, Designer, amateur Inventor and Web Application developer from Holland who likes Art and Typography.

In the daytime i work as an application developer for a few different companies and in my spare time i like to illustrate, draw, paint, design and build clocks.

Skills *

3d Printing, Design, Drawing, Inventing, Making, Painting, Programming, Typography.

Interests *

3d Printing, Art, Biking, Everything mechanical, lowbrow art (Pop surrealism), Machining (Lathe/CNC/Milling), Paintings (15th-18th century), Typography.

Applications i use *

Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Arduino, FreeCad, MySQL Workbench, Netbeans, Open Office, SketchUp, Sublime, Text Wrangler, Textmate, Tower(Git), Versions (SVN), Visual Studio Code.

Machines i use *

(other than a computer of course)

3d printer, CNC Machine (OX), Hammer, Lathe, Mill

(Scripting/programming) languages i use *

C, CSS, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Typescript.

Frameworks i use *

Angular, Laravel, Lumen, Slim framework, VueJs, Zend framework

* (alphabetical order)