About Sephen

A Summary

I’m Sephen,

A Maker, Creator, Designer, amateur Inventor and Web Application developer from Holland who likes Art and Typography.

In the daytime i work as an application developer for a few different companies and in my spare time i like to illustrate, draw, paint, design and build clocks.

Skills *

3d Printing, Design, Drawing, Inventing, Lasercutting, Making, Painting, Programming, Typography.

Interests *

3d Printing, Art, Biking, Everything mechanical, lowbrow art (Pop surrealism), Machining (Lathe/CNC/Milling), Paintings (15th-18th century), Typography.

Applications i use *

Atom, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, Arduino, FreeCad, LightBurn, MySQL Workbench, Open Office, SketchUp, Sublime, Text Wrangler, Textmate, Tower(Git), Versions (SVN), Visual Studio Code.

Machines i use *

(other than a computer of course)

3d printer, CNC Machine (OX), Hammer, Lathe, Lasercutter, Mill, Sewing machine etc.

(Scripting/programming) languages i use *

C, CSS, HTML, Lua, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Typescript.

Frameworks i use *

Angular, Laravel, Löve2d, Lumen, Slim framework, VueJs, Zend framework

* (alphabetical order)